A downloadable tool for Windows

This is a very simple "aiming" tool thing. It's got two very basic modes for flicking and tracking, both with their individual online leaderboards. I made it for myself primarily, to see how consistent my aim was and to test which settings for my mouse/monitor/etc actually changed anything for the better.

There are 2 minute rounds during which you click on the markers and score points. After a round is complete you can open the leaderboards and submit your score and leave a short comment about your performance (ie. what mouse or settings you used).

Aim sensitivity number should match up with the Overwatch sensitivity number, as it was the game I was primarily playing while creating this.

There are probably better "aim training" tools out there and it's not my intention to compete with them, which is why this is free and simple, without excessive amounts of different modes.

Install instructions

Unzip and run the ".exe"


AimChallenge.zip 99 MB

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