A downloadable game for Windows

A game made during the Unreal Engine December 2016 Game Jam. The theme was "Snowball Effect" and this was one of the winners.

It's an RTS made in 3 days.

There are currently no plans to continue development.

Minimum system requirements:

* Windows 7 or newer operating system.

Install instructions

Just unzip and launch the "Age of Snowmpires.exe" file.


Age of Snowmpires.zip 233 MB


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ok when i start it pops up snowballjam.exe- Entry point not found

The procrdure entry point k32GetProcessMemoryInfo could not be located in the dynamic link libary KERNAL32.dll. im using windows vista 32bit duo core 2 4gb ram nvidia 520 2gb. i turned off my virus protection still no help! please any idea whats going on?

I'm afraid that Windows Vista isn't supported by the game engine. There's no changes I can make to make it work for you. You'll need to have Windows 7 or newer operating system.

what a shame! i loaded this game and when i tried to start it i keep getting cant find file a kernel32.dll error this game is the only game that does it! i have 100's of games i have deleted and re-downloaded this game but keep getting same error i hope they fix this error but i doubt it looks great though!

Hey, sucks that you're having trouble with getting it running. If the error has a more detailed description, you could send me the description or a screenshot of the error message and what operating system you're using to bohriumdev@gmail.com and I'll try to see if I can figure out what's causing it.

Pretty sad that there's no plans to continue development :(

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, it being a game jam game (really hastily put together), it's not really built with any kind of expandability in mind. I do however have an open mind about potentially expanding on this concept later, once my current projects get all wrapped up.