A downloadable game for Windows

Made for Unreal Engine's Epic MegaJam 2019 in 7 days.

Super important plot: Martians invaded earth, only the cute and cuddly space animals can stop them with their stolen martian robot suits, because they are the only ones who fit into them.

It's kind of like a shooty MMO. (With a persistent world.) Level up by grinding monsters and then defeat the end boss. Works in multiplayer, you can either join the server I'm running (which I hope to keep up as much as possible for a while), run your own server (through the options menu) or play offline alone. Has built in online chat, so you can chat up new friends and have fun together. The end boss is supposed to be like a raid boss, bring friends to try to defeat him. (No idea if it's actually possible, but should be, I think.) There's also a bit of story in the options section.

Controls: WASD, hold RMB to aim (have to hold to fire), LMB to shoot. 1, 2 for special abilities. Enter for chat/cursor to get level ups. Escape/M for menu. Space to jump. Numpad "+" and "-" change quality settings, if performance is an issue (lower settings also limit framerate to 30)

The official server has been shut down, but you can still run your own or play offline.

Install instructions

Unpack and run the exe that looks like a space ship.


Bohrium_EarthlingsFromOuterSpace_32.zip 291 MB


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good work.