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You play as an evil super villain, known only by the mysterious nickname "The Pie-man" and you go around throwing pies and pastries in people's faces to make them get fat as a part of your evil secret plan. But will you succeed?

It's a turn based tactical strategy game made for the Unreal Engine Summer 2017 game jam.

How to play: Click to move, then hit the action button (Green fist or Spacebar) and your character will follow your commands. Same with attacks, select an attack with one of the buttons or numbers 1 to 6 on the keyboard, click to place target location and then hit the action button again to order your character to do that. Once you're done, hit the end turn button (Blue clock) and wait for the enemies to take their turn.

Install instructions

Just unzip it and run the PieMan.exe and it should work from there.


Bohrium _The Villainous Pie-man.zip 206 MB

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